What is Community Data?

Community Data is an information submission and collection initiative that involves the general public, non-profit organizations, corporations, and government agencies.

The Community Data initiative makes it possible to verify the credibility of every member of a community through the information about them submitted by their family members, friends, colleagues, business associates, partners, and neighbours.

For many years, people have relied on community data to verify individuals' credibility before going into any form of agreement with them.

The practice has also helped in KYC compilations for fortune 500 companies and saved them from bankruptcy as many prospective partners with good financial records from Credit Bureaus were discovered to be heavily indebted and fraudulent through community data.

Community Data is an age-long verification technique that has proved to be the safest and most accurate matrix used to measure credibility and character.

The adoption of this model gives DenyList leverage above its contemporaries. It is an all-around verification process for users in determining the credibility of prospective employees, clients, partners, applicants, etc.

The three goals of the Community Data Program are:

  • To access data of individuals at the smallest geographies possible.
  • To assist organizations to access individual data for better decision making.
  • To network, communicate, and disseminate the results of individual credibility data as widely as possible.

How do I get delisted on DenyList?

We ensure that all blacklist records are tied to verified individuals/businesses and have provided channels for you to contact them directly for resolution and delisting. Another option is with the provision of a legal court injunction. We will always honor requests from law courts in the countries we operate in.

Inappropriate & baseless accusations ?

Call our attention to the listing by flagging the record. If it meets our criteria, it will be deleted.

What is DenyList Database?

Accurate and adequate information aids logical decision processes : DenyList is a database of chronic debtors and fraudulent people. As a credibility-based community data platform, only verified registered organizations and individuals can submit data to the database.

Substantial organizations and individuals are free to upload a list of their debtors or business associate’s employees, or customers who have defrauded them and of course, agree to bear the sole responsibility for any data that they upload.

Why DenyList?

Simple, easy profiling : The database can be accessed manually via DenyList website , or via an system to system integration. Members of the public can access data whenever they need to verify the status of a potential partner, tenant, beneficiary, or customer.

Who can access DenyList Database?

DenyList Database is open to registered users. Anyone can signup to access the database either via DenyList website , or via API call at a small cost.

Who can post entry to DenyList Database?

Only verified registered businesses and verified individuals are allowed to upload information on DenyList. Verification is conducted by user provided a government issued Identity and same is verified against the corresponding government agency database (in real-time)

Do I need to be verified to conduct searches on Database?

No, verification is only required if you have some blacklist records to submit.

What do I need to search?

DenyList massive database can easily be navigated using multiple parameters (total of ten possible combinations of full or partial search phrases) or with the use of one unique search phrase .

What is a WatchDog Service?

WatchDog Protocol is an add-on service provided by DenyList to provide real-time notification services to its subscribers. WatchDog service ensures you are informed about any record in DenyList database that points to you or your affiliates

How does it work?

WatchDog is activated when you register an identity by providing the unique information on the individual. This will be securely stored and cross referenced against all blacklist records; new and existing.

Why WatchDog is important?

It is important that you (and your interests) are notified immediately your record appears on DenyList database to enable you resolve the issue and in the process, protect your reputation.

How many identities can I track?

WatchDog service is available in multiple package. You can add as many as you want. Businesses can enroll their employees on watchDog service and avoid being blindsided if the employer becomes malicious. Financial service providers, HR/Recruiting firms can contact our sales team for bulk discount. ([email protected])

Seamless Integrations

Our team of developers are always ready and available to help you integrate DenyList services into your existing solutions. Our geographical application server clusters provide 99.9% availability and extremely low latency connections

API Documentation

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